Our Story

Our journey with Moringa has been very interesting. Back in 2011 Richard’s sister, who is a nutritionist told us about this amazing ‘miracle’ tree called Moringa. This tree packed with nutrients and it’s multitude of health benefits simply sounded too good to be true! With so many health benefits how was it that we had never heard of it?
We researched online and found information from the likes of The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the U.S amongst many other reputable institutions around the world. We decided that we have to try it, however, this step proved to be not so easy. We eventually found a seller online who imports Moringa from India, so we ordered a kilogram and started taking it. We began to make Moringa smoothies part of our daily regimen and began to notice the benefits, one of the most noticeable was feeling energised.

At that stage in our lives we were both working in creative industries but wanted to make a career change and start a business together. Richard had become interested in the natural and organic farming system of Permaculture and discovered a few farmers online in Ghana who farmed with Moringa and decided to visit their farms to add in person research while we were on a family holiday in Ghana.

To our surprise we discovered a few vegetarian restaurants on our travels that offered Moringa in juices and as tea on the menu and powder and soap for sale in their shops. The powder we bought was so easy on the palette unlike the batch that we had previously tasted that you could simply sprinkle it on fruit like mango and eat it just like that.

This is when the penny dropped, we realised that we can build a business combining and promoting Richards passion for Permaculture and bringing the awareness of this wonderful Superfood called Moringa to South Africa and the World. Richard set off to meet the farmer and to forge a relationship that would lead to us importing Moringa to South Africa at a time when it was not available in the stores.

On our return we immediately started the ball rolling with our business, to this day we do not regret a single moment. Since 2016 many local farmers began to farm with Moringa which has helped us with regard to our companies footprint. Today, Akan Moringa products including our range of healthy functional tasty teas can be found in health shops, deli’s and other stores across South Africa. People say it’s important to have a job you enjoy, and for us this is it. In fact it’s not a job, we enjoy mixing business with pleasure. We also love the fact that everybody wins. We get to support the local South African farmers and communities that we work with while making a living and support our family, while educating people about the benefits of Moringa and changing lives as consumers benefit from optimum health at a fair price. It’s a win-win-win situation.