Moringa plays an important role in athletic recovery & mental stimulation
South african beach volleyball team pierangeli/sittig

Akan Moringa are proud sponsors of South African Beach Volleyball Team Pierangeli/Sittig AKA @beachLuSim who compete in the FIVB World Tour international events. They’ve competed in Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as in Africa on the national tour.

“As professional athletes we are always looking for a healthy edge. Akan Moringa has proven to be our secret ingredient.”

“As professional athletes we are constantly challenging our bodies and the Akan Moringa products boost our immune system. We feel vibrant and energized taking Akan Moringa as a daily supplement.”


“The best sustaining energy for an adventure ultra trail runner …..Akan Moringa has not only maintained my physical vitality but I am able to perform at optimum when I need it most!! thank you Akan Moringa for your amazing lifestyle product :):) “


“Just created a great recovery drink yesterday …Just a tea spoon a day of Akan Moringa is a magical healing plant that I have been living on for the last month. (Mood) feeling “Moringa “strong. Blended with banana, Spirulina ,Chia and Maca makes a great recovery drink. Just got news that I get to run with one of my great Inspirations on Sunday a Dessert Italian champ known as Paolo Barghini.“

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