Moringa, Cape Honeybush Tea (40g/1.4oz)


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  • Refreshing with woody and honey undertones
  • Both Moringa and Honeybush contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Both have been proven to help balance blood sugar levels which makes it a useful herbal tea for diabetics
  • Honeybush, known to be a calming herb
  • A cup before bed can help you sleep.

In this authentic African blend we have paired Moringa with Honeybush, Fennel & Lemon Myrtle to give you a refreshing naturally sweet & flavourful herbal tea with a tasteful lemony note. Honeybush with it’s woody and honey undertones is a close cousin of Rooibos and there are many similarities between the two. Honeybush is grown primarily in the Western Cape and Southeastern Cape of South Africa. This lesser known and treasured indigenous herb, like Rooibos, is low in tannins and rich in antioxidants and various minerals. The low tannins allow a longer steep time without causing any bitter taste. Enjoy a true taste of Africa!


Pour hot water into a pot or cup. Immerse bag in water and repeatedly dunk, this helps with the release of antioxidants. Steep for 3-5 minutes. This easy to drink tea can be taken with honey or lemon as per taste. Also delicious as iced tea. Enjoy the benefits!



Dried Moringa leaf, Honeybush, Fennel, Lemon Myrtle

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