Keep A Peaceful & Productive State Of Mind

During this rapidly changing time we are currently in, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, lost or even stagnant at
the same time. At least this is how I’ve currently been feeling. I think it’s so important to keep yourself grounded. Mentally and physically, to focus on what drives you and to not loose hope.

From politics and world news to the closing down of shops and businesses, there is a lot going on in a verysmall space of time. In order to feel a balance in your life it’s a good idea to just slow down. Take a step back
and to be productive in a healthy way while not being too hard on yourself either, welcoming the time youhave and embracing the new slowed-down quarantine pace. A good place to start is to acknowledge that you are not alone.

You are not the only one that has been hugely affected whether financially or socially. Although things can often look all smiles and life as normal on social media, it is important to remember that you are being shown an edited version of “the good times” and largely this is a platform people use as a form of income therefore they are quite literally selling a product or service so they show the best of themselves even if this is mentally not the case.

Things that will keep you in a positive mindset during this quarantine:
Keep in contact with your friends, family and loved-ones. They need the support and care as much as you do. This is a great way to “get out of your head”. By communicating with another person and hearing about their experiences is a way to feel connected and perhaps even helping with a problem they are facing will in turn leave you with a sense of value and be a healthy distraction from your own personal matters.

Exercise and routine in any form plays a major role in your mental wellbeing. As every time you exercise your body will release endorphins leaving you feeling happier and stronger going forward with the rest of your daily activities. I have started doing a light mix of home cardio and Pilates online. The starting point was a struggle at first, especially me personally not being a fan of hectic cardio, but I noticed that the feeling I got instantly after a workout session was an amazing one. Feeling physically and mentally stronger! This is what pushed me to continue and to realise that I had more energy and the mental capacity to accomplish a lot more in my day.

Having a routine is a good way to keep yourself motivated and out of falling into a rut or a feeling of helplessness. Eating well is another huge factor in feeling good about yourself and having a positive mindset. Being in quarantine, it’s tempting to want to snack all day and binge on unhealthy food. It’s a way of passing time as well as temporarily feeling good, but this feeling doesn’t necessarily last in the long run. An occasional “unhealthy” snack or meal is okay every once in a while but to really keep on top of your immune system, to
make sure you’re getting all the vitamins, protein and minerals you need for your body to sustain a healthy and positive lifestyle making daily fruit smoothies with added nutrition will help.

A smoothie, a warm bowl of oats or a fruit salad with yoghurt and granola is a quick and easy breakfast option. A few good healthy snacks would be carrot or cucumber sticks with a hummus dip, mixed nuts, or a big salad filled with chickpeas, avocado, roast veggies maybe even falafel balls.


Taking a teaspoon of our Moringa powder serves as your added daily dose of vitamins, minerals and omegas 3, 6 & 9. Moringa is a plant-based protein that will increase your overall energy and long term wellbeing. At Akan
Moringa we have a wide range of Moringa based products, giving you the option of a soothing cup of Moringa tea, a powder pack which can be sprinkled over food or added to a fruit smoothie or if you need something a little more travel convenient why not try a bottle of our Moringa capsules. Moringa is rich in anti-oxidants and is naturally caffeine free.

Due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties Moringa is used all over the world as a supplement in foods and cosmetic products such as soaps to keep a balance of nutrition as well as to treat a range of different ailments. Ailments such as Diabetes, inflammation and malnutrition.

Lastly, being kind to yourself. Making time for your own self care, a bit of pampering never hurt anyone! It’s easy to get carried away in keeping up with and looking after everyone else in your life, but in order to stay at your best you need to show yourself kindness to keep your positivity and overall mental health up. So sleep in! Take a long bath, start a skincare routine or take the time to look after your hair and nails.

Taking pride in your appearance and hygiene no matter how generic it may sound will have a noticeable effect on the way you feel about yourself and your life going forward. Doing all these things and taking those first steps while taking our Moringa as a supplement in your daily diet will improve your overall wellbeing from your body to your vitality, to a positive mental state. Why not take this time at home as the opportunity to positively change the way you feel about yourself in your day-to-day life?

Feel the difference from the inside-out!
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– AM


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